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We offer high quality IPTV subscriptions for people in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the UK. Our IPTV service includes all UK channels plus a comprehensive line up of international channels to include all major sports events plus a fantastic video on demand library for TV box sets and movies.

Don't confuse our services with the low cost IPTV providers, we are not the same. As a customer with MediaStreamz you get all of the live TV channels, a full catch-up service for terrestrial and Sky channels plus a huge on demand TV box set and movie library which also includes DVD quality movies just released in cinemas. Finally as a customer, you get a telephone number to call and no it's not 24/7/365 but you will get to speak to someone in English. This is important if all of this is pure gobblydygook to you. So fill in the form below to get a free trial or drop us an email and we will contact you (please remember to put your telephone number in the email if you want us to call you).


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