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MediaStreamz was born of frustration. Much as we love living abroad with the new cultures and experiences, we knew as computer "techies" with over 30 years experience, we could also enjoy many cultural aspects of our home country by using the media streaming services available via the Internet.

But connecting to them was fiddly and then, when we bought a new piece of equipment that couldn't connect, well..., how frustrating is that? And if we were frustrated, then how might non-techies feel.

So we had a darn good think and started tinkering with some programming code and some test equipment and finally after a few months we launched our MediaWiFi router in the spring/summer of 2012.

In December 2012 several TV channels vanished from our TV screens and we were faced with another challenge. This time we wanted to have IPTV and a satellite receiver in the same set top box. It took a few months, however in June 2013, just before the anticipated satellite switch off, we were ready. Except of course the launch didn't happen, instead a prior satellite launch failed causing considerable damage. MediaOne was ready, but the much anticipated new satellite did not enter service until February 2014.

Changing technologies and improved Internet connection speed has resulted in the rise of IPTV and 2016 is the year in which we launched our IPTV services. We will continue to develop new solutions as we strive to offer the European British expatriate market television viewing options but we recognise that not everyone has a fibre connection and so we will continue to support satelitte based solutions. Customers investing in our products means we will continue to invest in supporting legacy systems for as long as is possible. By buying from us you will not be left stranded.



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