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 Please try later.



You will need at least 10Mbit and more is always better :-)   


If your stream stop/starts or freezes completely then unfortunately your Internet service is not good enough for our system, so please contact your ISP to see if you can increase your bandwidth. Our IPTV streams require a stable high speed Internet connection of at least 10Mbit all of the time and if this is not available, then we can confirm now that any problems you may have will be with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and not us. If you can get a fibre connection, grab it!!



Many people report that everythings works just fine up until about eight or nine p.m. and then things start to go wrong. Please note that this is peak Internet usage time when millions of people come online meaning your shared Internet bandwidth takes a huge hit and your IPTV stream may stutter or freeze.



We try very hard to deliver one of the best IPTV solutions available because we believe that it is important to try and 'raise the bar'.  We have invested heavily in equipment and gigabit connections for our servers but we cannot guarantee that it will be 100% all of the time. Unfortunately with a shared Internet connection there are just too many variables involved, especially if you are watching broadcasts from the other side of the world.  So much can go wrong, but we do try :-).


    We now actively use the new H.265 video standard which maintains video quality whilst actually reducing bandwidth (or increases video quality using same bandwidth). The downside of this new codec is that older equipment just isn't up to the job.  so if you have a MAG 250 (way too old) or a MAG 254 then you may come across VOD content that you cannot view.  There is no fault our end, it is just that the graphics chip in your device cannot decode our stream. There is plenty of old VOD content that has been encoded using older codecs, these will work just fine.  Please get a MAG 256, the video quality is excellent when compared to a MAG 254.  



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