IPTV a new canvas

IPTV, a new canvas



With plans to suit all pockets and no long term contracts our IPTV service is a great choice.


We have 3 different live IPTV packages to choose from and whichever one you choose, they all come with a fantastic supporting package of a thousand or so movies available on demand, along with hundreds of TV box sets. Plus you will also get a comprehensive 3 - 14 day catch-up service for key terrestrial and UK satellite channels, including the sports channels.


 Our great range of IPTV services



sports all

No PPV Service included with this IPTV package.

IPTV Sports Pack

You can get a whole month of all of the football, golf, rugby, etc. you could ever want for less than a night out down the pub!


So, if you already get BBC and ITV etc and you are not interested in movies or other channels, why pay for them? Just get our International Sports Pack and make sure that you never miss a match or tournament again.  The pack comes with a full 3 day catch-up service for UK sports channels.




Get all of the UK (and Irish) "terrestrial" and "satellite" channels and as a bonus we have included BeIN Sports which just might be showing that match that the UK based channels are not.


The UK TV also pack comes with a 14 day catch-up service for all of the major "terrestrial" channels (7 days for minor) and 3 days for the "satellite" channels.  You also get thousands of movies and hundreds TV box sets available on demand and updated all of the time.

World TV

International TV

Watch all of the channels available in the Sports Pack (so you need never miss a match again) plus all of the premium PPV events as well! You also get all of the UK TV and radio channels as found in the UK TV Pack plus loads of television entertainment channels from the US, Canada and Europe.

This service comes with a catch-up service for all "terrestrial" and "satellite" channels plus thousands of movies and hundreds TV box sets available on demand and updated all of the time.



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