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IPTV a new canvas

IPTV, a new canvas



With plans to suit all pockets and no long term contracts our IPTV service is a great choice.


We have 3 different live IPTV packages to choose from and whichever one you choose, they all come with a fantastic supporting package of a thousand or so movies available on demand, along with hundreds of TV box sets. Plus you will also get a comprehensive 3 - 7 day catch-up service for key terrestrial and UK satellite channels, including the sports channels.



To get our great IPTV Services you need the right equipment

MAG 254's or 256's The best IPTV hardware around and available from Amazon from about €85.00, don't let anyone tell you that you need to pay more.  See here.
Android TV boxes From many places including Amazon, look to pay at least €50.00 then download our MAG emulator software for FREE.
MediaOne E2 Sat Receiver If you already have one it won't cost you a penny, just get the latest software upgrade from us.


just sayin
We believe that the MAG 254 or 256 are currently the best IPTV hardware solutions available.  If you need some of the other features available from an Android box, then OK, but if you are looking for easy to use, value for money IPTV box, get a MAG. We have no axe to grind and we do not sell MAG boxes but we use them in our homes in preference to everything else.
Note: please don't buy a new MAG 250, they are outdated and can't handle the higher image resolutions. If however you already have one, no problem, they will work fine with SD & HD but possibly not FHD.  Why not request a 24 hour trial to find out?


Do you like what is on offer? Then why not try it out for 24 hours for free?

all you need is a MAG set top box or an Android TV box.

Please complete the form if you wish to tryout our IPTV service, we think you will be impressed with what is on offer.

If you selected a MAG then make sure you send us your MAC ID else we cannot process your request.

If you selected an Android TV Box we will send you a MAC ID for your system so please make sure that you download and install our MAG set top box emulator software and setup guide which can be found here.

Whether you have a MAG or an Android device, please read our User Guide as it will tell you how to use the system plus there are step by step instructions on how to install the emulator software for the Android box.

Please note that if you use a temporary email address or your email address looks like it has been machine generated then we will simply ignore your request.

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