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Winter Is Here
Published on Jun 21, 2017

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres this July.
It may be the first day of summer, but #WinterisHere on Sky Atlantic at 9:00pm on July 17th.

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More BBC iPlayer News



Everyone in the UK will need a BBC iPlayer account to use the on-demand service from early 2017, the broadcasting corporation has announced. The public will need to sign up for an account, which has just been made “more robust and secure”, to access the TV streaming service, as well as BBC iPlayer Radio and BBC apps.

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The Spanish "Orange is the New Black" - Vis A Vis



Locked Up has been a massive hit in its homeland Spain, where it is known as Vis A Vis, drawing in upwards of 3.5 million viewers and earning Maggie Civantos three awards for her performance as Macarena, a woman facing a seven-year prison term after being framed for fraud by her boss.

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When can I watch Clarkson, Hammond and May on Amazon?



Clarkson, Hammond and May have signed up to present three 12-episode series, with each episode set to be roughly 60 minutes in length. The Grand Tour will air on 18 November. Mark your diaries.

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Victoria and Poldark both attract 5 million viewers



TV critics were broadly positive about the return of Poldark, though we did smile at Carol Midgley's comments in The Times who questioned whether Turner's character had been made unrealistically virtuous. "One did start to wonder, are they at risk of overdoing the righteousness of Saint Ross? He's so perfect he's approaching caricature," she said. "What with standing up for the poor, rescuing and marrying servant girls and defending people's honour... the next step surely is walking on water.".

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Amazon steps up television push with London hiring


With it now a legal requirement from today to have a TV licence to watch BBC iPlayer, the BBC's IPTV service (that will be £145.50 please), it is interesting to note that Amazon have started a recruitment drive in London and are set to ramp up their IPTV offering with more original programming.

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Sky Sports and BT Sport is an expensive disaster for football fans


With the Olympics well underway we’re being spoilt rotten with all-you-can-eat sporting goodness from across the BBC.

Sadly, if you wanted to catch the opening games from Britain’s Premier League this weekend, things weren’t quite so simple.

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Has your favourite TV show been renewed?


The Radio Times has published a list of UK and US television series renewals and cancellations. Whilst it is normal practice for television companies to produce a list at the start of the Autumn (Fall) schedule, this rarely happens in the UK.

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Gary Lineker - MOTD


Remember when Gary Lineker tweeted that he would present MOTD "just in his undies" on December 14th?

We do.

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Most popular football leagues on US TV


The people at say that they deal in real numbers via one of their contacts as opposed to some PR sleight of hand.  Why not read the article here, the results might surprise you. And guys, it's football not soccer!


New evidence reveals we’re being stitched up by the BBC



The online service ' has reported that '... the House of Commons culture, media and sport committee has urged the BBC to release the details of all of its “stars” who earn more than the prime minister – but their conclusions ultimately throw into question the licence fee itself'.

The article continues by saying 'The committee, led by Conservative MP Damian Collins, also raised “serious concerns” over the appointment of HSBC and PepsiCo executive Rona Fairhead to the role of chair of the broadcaster’s new governance body, the BBC unitary board, which replaces the BBC Trust. It also recommended that Scotland have its own ‘Scottish Six’ news bulletin, focusing on issues which affected the nation.'. You can read the article here.


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