Watching UK TV via satellite There's still a place for UK satellite TV in Europe


You can still get BBC 1 / BBC 2 / BBC 4 / ITV1 / Channel 4 / Channel 5 / Film 4 +1 / BBC News / BBC Parliament via your satelite dish throughout western Europe.


Mix it up, Sat & IPTV - you know you want to ;-)

Our MediaOne solution for Intelsat gives you all of the channels above with all of the main channels available in HD and SD.

And providing our MediaOne receiver is connected to the Internet you will also get a full 7 day TV programme guide with full recording capabilities (quick record, set a recording option via the EPG, set series record) plus timeshift.  Timeshift is the great feature that allows you to pause a live TV programme (one click of the remote), make that cuppa, then come back and carry on watching where you left off.

Our MediaOne receiver can also deliver you a full IPTV solution,
with all of the features as listed in our IPTV section.

We use the Enigma 2 platform for our satellite receivers, so if you have your own Enigma 2 setup and would like to add a top of the range IPTV solution to your system, please visit our download page for the Xtream IPK file.

Mix it up 



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