STB is blocked

I can't connect!



A successful connection requires 3 things to be in place and configured properly.


1. There must be an internet connection to your TV set top box (MAG box, Formuler Z8, etc).


2. You must have a valid subscription.


3. Your portal settings must be correct.



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Press the button marked "Setup" on your remote to display the screen shown, then using the up/down & left/right arrows on your remote, navigate to the "Servers" option as shown then press "OK".

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Navigate to the "Portals" option as shown then press "OK".



Navigate to the "Portal 1 URL" option as shown then press the key marked "KB" (for keyboard). Your TV screen should look like the one displayed here.

Navigate to the "Back Space" key on the virtual keyboard and delete the characters no loner required and instead, enter the correct values that would have been sent seperately. Once you have entered the correct portal address navigate to the "Enter" key on the virtual keyboard and press OK on your remote.

The system should respond by saying that your changes have been saved.

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Press the "Home key" (picture of a house) until you see the System Settings menu then navigate to the "Restart Portal" option and press OK.




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